jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

For the english readers-2


        A radical change is urgently needed in the system. A process of change similar to the process carried out in Iceland. There citizens are undertaking a revolution. Our country is dead now. Among other reasons, because people who could breathe life, new entrepreneurs, creative people and ideas, with some exceptions, is being blocked by the powers that persist in clothing the naked king, striving to present as a living body: the media affects the regime, sold at the same professionals, a whole host of new rich dressing interested in pursuing the deceased, pretending to live. It should be a general audit of all institutions, reviewing what to really serve the country's life and what is being complicit in the death of our country, because they profit from it. So-to the central and regional level.

       It is necessary to review what is a democracy. If the vote makes democracy or should have many other channels for a true citizen participation.

      If the vote is an agreement between elected and electors on the basis of a government program, it should be possible chossen to dismiss for failure, without having to take it once and do not represent anyone except their own corporate interests... It is as if a company was forced to keep on staff an em- ployee who has breached his employment contract. The logic is that it dismissed. Well it seems that should be rewarding, as the 'logic' of modern times. And if democracy is finally really possible, be- cause the global economic powers make it incompatible with its group privileges, we should also know as aning, so that no traffic with the hopes and dreams of the citizens ...

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