jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

For de english readers-1

In times of crisis when we need to cling to dreams, which is our essence, the key to what we will be in-which already are in some way. Spent some time on the visual arts, first as a painter and now in the facet of graphic design, audiovisual production and multimedia content creation. And, God willing, in this noble task while I will continue to be healthy.

I could spend my life wasting my time on TV programs that are critical to policy, this mob unfortunate we have to endure ... But I do not want. Instead transform you life and the world that I dislike as I see them now. My modus operandi is the creation. The art. Maybe one day closer to the ideal life I have as an artist. When that day comes, I will have reached eternity, no longer perteceré this. Meanwhile, as a Christian, I have to live here in exile.

This was never a democracy. The masses also ill, traumatized and wrong.
Claim that, after slaughter, people have discernment and wisdom enough to 'pick' at the polls what is best is somewhat dubious. Fortunately, some voices are alzande to change an obviously unfair system that rewards the dominant gangs to the detriment of suffering people, who, to date, she faces an unemployment rate of five million people and a scoundrel entrenched leader of opportunism and corruption. Laws should be changed. Powers should be subject to external control. Abuse should not be possible to make. Resignation would have to occur in string ... It's all done. And that is the task of future generations. If we are able to instill a love of life and the illusion to contribute to this overall improvement in the world.

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